20150602-IMG_4636-EditHi, my name’s Alyssa, and I love birds.

(Whew; there, I said it!)

Actually, my love of birds is no secret, and if you’re reading this, I bet there’s a good chance that you love birds too.

There’s just something about them. Maybe their flight? Their feathers? Their colors? Their ubiquity? Their undeniable charm? Whatever it is, birds capture the imagination.

A life-long bird-admirer, birds truly captured my imagination when I held my first bird—a sharp-shinned hawk—during a research project as a college freshman. The intricacy of its feathers, the intensity of its red-eyed gaze, and the sheer energy emanating from it, combined to create a life-altering experience. With very little hesitation, I switched from English major to aspiring scientist, and my life hasn’t been the same since.

More than 10 years and literally thousands of birds-in-hand later, I have my PhD inIMG_0069 avian ecology and have dedicated my career to learning about—and helping to conserve—our feathered friends.

You can learn more about my research on Saltmarsh and Seaside Sparrows throughout the annual cycle here. 


Unabashedly, my bird-nerdy-ness runs much deeper than field studies and journal articles. Ok, I try not to over-do it at any one time…

But fuzzy owl-print pajama pants? I may never get dressed!

Earrings in the shape of goldfinches? Yes please!

Book featuring bird-themed art? I’ll enjoy that!

Cookie cutter in the shape of a swallow? Let’s get baking!

Coffee grown in bird-friendly plantations? I don’t even drink the stuff, but YES!

A pattern for a crochet bluebird? Where’s my yarn?!

An entire mix of bird-themed songs? Let’s get rocking!


Yes, mine is a thoroughly birdy life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

*(Note, all photos are taken by me, unless otherwise noted; The fantastic photos of me, in the owl-print dress, were taken by Zinfandel Photography during a bird-themed pinup shoot that I gifted to myself as a graduation present)